sábado, 20 de junho de 2009

Raw love

Through my veins, through my thoughts, in my self.
Within my heart, inside my mind, embedded in my soul.
Drenched in my blood, filled by my genes, aware of me.

You are…

My queen, my love, my passion, my life.
My sex, my friend, my owner, my slave.
My woman, my girl, my beauty, my lady.

The one…

Filling me, devouring me, making me, destroying me.
Loving me, satisfying me, having me, being me.
Drinking me, liking me, kissing me.

You make me feel…

Inside you, your lips, your breast, your scent.
Your skin, your hair, your tonge, your love.
Your passion, your mind, your soul, your self.
Love, endless, true and pure…


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