sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

The Lover

I am so fucking sick of all that political-religious-cultural bull shit behind these tight minded conservative fuckers around the world, that I can't even sleep in peace..
No reason to swallow nazi propaganda anymore, people.. There is no fucking savior or miracle, no great entity of omniscience! There is only one thing:

The lack of thought behind any small goodness..
We all must break the barrier of morality through love, truth and respect...
Through a pure ethical embrace of the things that define us..
We must learn to love unconditionally (fow evah, evah evah, evah evah, evah)..
Only then we will start to save and fix everything else!

This is a lesson we cannot learn through repression (from rules or religion or fear of social unacceptability).. There is no rule book or set of guide lines in this utopia...
There is only space for that blinding truth watching over the pure of heart... The truly ethical but rarely moral...

The poet, thoughtful and atheist in all of us... The lover.

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