sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

We are Poets!

There are never enough words floating around.
We have much yet to see, we see much yet to tell.
Our work must be of devious words: like my clouds of colorful lips.
We must look out into the sunset of those infinite notes behind our hearts.

Those songs and blood. Our very tears spilled on paper.
We have in us the purpose of creating illusions and absurd truths.
Through our puzzles, through our games...
Through the essence that evaporates around our ink.

We are powerful and unique, we carry with our craft, words responsible.
We carry our ways and stories... Coins. Words. Inventions.
We are free! No need for conventional language.
No need for rules or laws to control our "blisstning" nascence.

We are trapped within our unexplained souls...
We are trapped within our words and silent gaps.
We play with rime and structure without needing them.
We have the gift of true freedom:

We are poets.

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