sábado, 27 de novembro de 2010


So here it is, the full spectrum of my colors.
Here I tell you I love you more than anything.
Here I tell you about my unique ability..
My Ability to not care about time, about the past.

Here is my space, empty...
... Of fear, of doubt, of regrets..
I know we are history, and I know we are chemistry..
I know we are pure, naked.. No lies, just surprises.

And I can tell you know it too, I can tell...
I can feel your skin alarming my heart, my head.
Something inside tells me to go with the sunset,
something tells me to go with my soul hidden behind your moon.

All I know is that you are my timeless love.
My timeless passion... My time, throughout the years...
You are my missing link... Yet I wake up alone.
You are my battle for sanity!

You are the only one.

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