sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Self-Cleaning Glass

Let me dry up my every wish!
I have to undo these fluid dreams of mine!
Let me work out our every kink,
Re think our last moments!
Let me fight those dark times…

Let me rewrite the voice of my youth…

In this virtual world of mine,
All things happen, all life, is life…
Let me show you miracles of my will.
Let me exist in the planes of lost beauty.
Kiss the lips of recycled plastic!

Let me be weightless!

I do not want to be the infinite wonderful wonder!
I want to belong to this new world.
I want to end this insatiable need of things without meaning!
I want to be self-cleaning glass
A distant mirage of subtle embraces in this stupid desert of the mindless!

Let me be free to open the floodgates of my compulsion!

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  1. worth being up all night to write it
    worth waking up in the morning to read it...