sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Swatting Flies with chocolate and guilt

I've wished for things to say that made some sort of sense.

That drunken epiphany that translates into poetry!

Nothing comes to mind other than my hand catching air, searching for that fly I feel buzzing around here.

Myself in the mirror of the forgotten honor, of the unspoken gesture. That buzzing, annoying and unheard.

So I buzz around my reflection, trying desperately to grasp all that I see, all that inadequacy filling up my everyday!

Now I buzz, here and there, wishing I could have someone around to care enough, to take a second and try swatting me from the air...

Just a fly buzzing around, undignified and unheard. So quick and foreseeing.

My reflection looking back at me, hairy and strange, lost in the vomit of disparity and wealth, all things not beautiful and free...
... All things not in the my niece's world, free of politics, religion, dogma, envy and greed.

I gave her some chocolate before lunch once (she was 4) and mom found out right in the middle of her first tasting of it, oh such ecstasy and delight! After a few hard words of "your uncle is in deep trouble for giving you this", that little girl holding her newly tasted chocolate, proposed that if I could be left out of trouble she would gladly put it down and wait for her salty lunch.

I can't think of a better example of pure ethics..

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  1. bellissima...in search of unfound words
    purezza...the child's gesture of affection.